Some Facts About The Church Of England

The Church of England exists for the worship of God in Jesus Christ and to serve His People on earth both here and abroad.

The Church of England is organised into 44 dioceses; 43 comprising 13,000 parishes covering every inch of English soil, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Scilly and a small part of Wales. The Diocese in Europe has 270 congregations across Europe, Morocco, Turkey and the Asian countries of the former Soviet Union. The Church of England is the mother church of the 161 country Anglican Communion.

Every week there are about one million people worshipping in one or other of the Church of England's 16,000 churches. The Christian witness and service they render in other spheres of their lives is incalculable.

Scores of thousands of formal and informal Church of England societies, trusts, networks and fellowships proliferate in parishes, dioceses, schools, colleges and in the community all the way from the smallest prayer groups to the major mission agencies like USPG (celebrating its tercentenary), or Christian Aid or the Church of England Children's Society.

In 2001 there are more than 1,600 ordinands in 11 theological colleges and 12 regional courses and schemes and more than 1,300 in Reader training.

non-stipendiary ministers or ordained local ministers and more than 10,300 are Readers. In addition, there are nearly 300 Church Army Evangelists and 100 accredited stipendiary layworkers. Some 1,250 are chaplains in  hospitals, the Forces, schools and prisons and a hundred are ordained members of religious communities. Not included in these figures are more than 4,800 retired clergy with parochial appointments or licences or permission to officiate nor the 650 non-cleric members of religious communities. There are also 32,000 churchwardens and scores of hundreds of parish administrators and lay ministry teams.

In addition to those who regularly worship, more than 31 million people visited a UK church or cathedral in 1999.

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