The original chapel became a National School and was used for all Church meetings, such as the Ladies' Working Association, Parish Socials, and rehearsals and concerts of the Leytonstone Choral Society. The accommodation proved inadequate for a parish such as ours, and a generous member of the congregation, Mrs. Elliott, offered to build a more spacious room. The foundation stone of the Elliott Room was laid by the grand-daughter of the donor on the 15th September, 1885, and it was opened in February, 1886, with a dinner given to the poor of the parish.

At the beginning of the century the Sunday School had grown to such an extent that it could-no longer be housed comfortably in the existing accommodation. This situation led eventually to an effort to build a new Parish Hall, primarily for use as a Boys' Sunday School. There was found to be sufficient room behind the Clergy Vestry on the north side of the Church, and Lady Cooper laid the foundation stone on the 3rd October 1925. Most parochial organisations soon found the new Hall more convenient for their use than the Elliott Room and transferred there. The Elliott Rooms were subsequently sold in 1975, as their upkeep proved too great a drain on parish resources.

St John the Baptist


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