The Vicars of St. John's are listed below. More information about them can be found on page 2 of this chapter

1st Vicar - 1844 to 1863 - Rev. H. H. Evans

2nd Vicar - 1863 to 1870 - Rev. W. H. Vernon

3rd Vicar - 1870 to 1874 - Rev. H. Waller

4th Vicar - 1874 to 1905 - Rev. W. J. Bettison

5th Vicar - 1906 to 1939 - Canon W. T. Brown

6th Vicar - 1940 to 1960 - Canon J. A. Stanley

7th Vicar - 1961 to 1970 - Canon E. De'Lande Jones

8th Vicar - 1970 to 1984 - Rev. C. T. Edmondson

9th Vicar - 1985 to 1988 - Rev. R. Field

10th Vicar - 2000 to 2013 - Rev. R. J. Draper

11th Vicar - 2014 to present - Rev. D. Britton

St John the Baptist


Serving God and the Community of Leytonstone for more than 180 years


From the time the church was built, until St. John's became a parish church in its own right, a number of Clergy from Leyton officiated at Leytonstone. According to W.G. Hammock, Churchwarden from 1896 to 1902, in his book "Leytonstone and its History", these include:

Rev. E. C. Birch

Rev. William Pitt Wigram

Rev. C. J. Laprimaudaye, nephew of the Vicar of Leyton

Rev. Simpson

Rev. Dickens

Rev. N. B. Herring

Rev. John Pardoe, a descendant of the Patron of Leyton