Thank you for the gifts of money for the general flower fund and your requests for memorial and thanksgiving flowers. The flower arranging team are very grateful for your continued support and encouragement.



During February the cost for the flowers were donated by:

  • For Candlemass on the 2nd – flower fund [High Altar, Lady Chapel, windowsill candles and decorations]
  • Also on the 2nd the flowers on the font were in loving memory of Doris, mother of Terry Swainsbury.
  • On the 9th font flowers were given by Hong-Yoke and Ken Hepburn in memory of a dear brother, Hamish Hepburn on the 10th anniversary of his death.
  • Altar flowers on the 9th – flower fund.
  • On the 16th flowers on the font were given by Milene Dziuk in memory of her grandparents, Valentina and Miet.
  • Altar flowers on the 16th – flower fund.
  • Altar flowers on the 23rd – Liz Malafronte – In memory of her mother.

If you would like anniversary or memorial arrangements for the altar or font please speak to me or Elizabeth Samy or fill in the flower chart in the South Aisle. Please tell us if there is a particular colour, flower, herb or foliage that you would like included in the arrangement. There will be no flowers in church during Lent [March 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30, April 6th, 13th.] If you do want anniversary or memorial flowers during Lent we could display them in the church porch.


Looking ahead to Easter

The Easter lilies are given in memory of loved ones and a list of names is placed on the High Altar. If you would like a memorial lily please let me know. I will be ordering Longi lilies from Bumblebees on the 1st of April, so I will need to know before then.

Thank you

Lynda Wareing

Serving God and the Community
St John the Baptist

Flowers in Church