Firstly can I say a massive thank you to church members for your generous gifts of money for the flower fund. The months of June and July have been very busy for us and we could not have done it without your support.




  • During the month of June the cost of the flowers on the High Altar and the Lady Chapel came from the flower fund [f.f.]
  • On the 1st, flowers on the font were given by Daphney Phillips for her parents Barbara and Vernam.
  • Pentecost / Whit Sunday: [8th f.f.] red and white flowers. Thank you to Rasheedat for doing the arrangements on the High Altar, Brenda for the Lady Chapel and Elizabeth for the Childrens corner.
  • Also on the 8th the font flowers were given by Hong-Yoke and Ken Hepburn in thanksgiving for their 20th wedding anniversary.
  • Patronal Festival: [22nd f.f.] Again the flower arranging team came up trumps. Many thanks to Chelsea for her High Altar display, Milene for the Lady Chapel, Brenda for the stand near the pulpit, Lynda for the font, Pam for the four pillars and Elizabeth for the children’s corner and the porch. I tend to do the dried / artificial arrangements for the windowsills [not as thrilling as working with fresh flowers !!!!!]



This is looking ahead as this issue has already been published, so have a look at the church website to see more flower photos.


Wednesday 2nd July

Welcome Service for the Rev David Britton

Many thanks to all these wonderful arrangers and contributors:

  • Chelsea for the High Altar – funded by Chelsea and Lyn.
  • Banu of Bumblebees for the porch – Anon. gift. All other flowers in the church and the hall were funded by our local Co-op Funeral Services.
  • Lady Chapel – Elizabeth, Font – Brenda, Pulpit stand – Liz, windowsill and hall – Lynda, Rachel’s bouquet – Banu of Bumblebees.

A huge welcome to David, his wife Rachel and their three sons Joseph, Isaac and Reuben from all the flower arranging team.


  • On the 6th the High Altar flowers were given by Frances in loving memory of her dear mother Charlotte Symmons.


Leytonstone Festival – Saturday 12th onwards

memorial flowers for all those who fought and died in the First World War

Again many thanks to the arrangers and contributors:

High Altar – Milene, Lady Chapel – Elizabeth,

Font – Rasheedat, Lecturn – Liz,

Four pillars – Pam, Windowsills – Lynda

Children’s corner & porch – Elizabeth


  • Also this weekend the pulpit flowers were given and arranged by Brenda Alleyne to remember her dear father Clayton Cumberbatch on his birthday.

  • On the 20th the font flowers were given by Iris Wilson in loving memory of her dear husband Cliff on their wedding anniversary.
  • The High Alter flowers on the 20th were given and arranged by Rasheedat Ogunbambi in loving memory of her dear father on the fourth anniversary of his death.
  • The High Altar flowers on the 27th were given and arranged by Liz Malafronte in celebration of her and Enzo’s wedding anniversary and also in memory of her parents.

Once again big, big thanks to all of you for your generosity and hard work.

God Bless

Lynda Wareing

Flowers in Church

St John the Baptist


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