Bell Notes

This time of year for us is fairly busy as we ‘ring and open’ the tower for what was called; car free day, the weekender and now seemingly called Leytonstone Get Together on the 4th September. We also open the tower for the day on Saturday 24th September for the Michaelmas Fair. They seem to be popular as we get fully booked up for each tour. The tours are restricted in numbers for safety reasons and it is carefully controlled as the spiral stairs are fairly narrow.

We give them a bit of ringing, bit of history, bit of Q and A and let them ring a bell if they want to. On the way up they see the clock and the bells but what they really want is the view at the top of the tower and on a clear day it is quite a view. The children, if they are local, like to find where they and their friends live and also their school and then the Underground becomes a toy train. It’s funny, each time you go up you see something different. My best time was when we had Kestrels – before the nest sight was boarded up – seeing the two parents and two young ones learning how to fly, stoop and dive against a background of London – magic!

We try to fit each tour to fit the visitors if we can and we always try to do a follow up to our ‘open days’ to see if we can find new ringers. We can teach people to ring bells and it takes about six months to be able to ring on your own and you have the rest of your life to learn bellringing! In the past most ringers came out of the church but now don’t and we don’t know why?

So our follow up is on Monday 26th September from 7pm. to 9pm…. anytime in between.


Where you can have a go at ringing and even get refreshments

If you are interested – please let us know as we always need more bellringers.

On 3rd. September we are ringing for a Wedding at St. Mary the Virgin Leyton. They have helped us out so much in the past, it is the least we can do to help. In October we have our second outing of the year. The first, at the end of April was on the Surrey boarder and we have the second in our home area of Essex….somewhere.

Michael Wareing