Serving God and the Community
St John the Baptist

St John's Parochial Church Council


May I take this opportunity to thank those who supported me as Chair person for the past eight months during the period of interregnum. This experiencing has been spiritually empowering. I have learnt a great deal, my faith and strength has grown a thousand fold.

Special thank you to Peter and Victoria Scott, Elizabeth Samy, Michael and Lynda Wareing, David Yeung, Rev Kathryn Robinson, Daphne Phillips, Katharine Smith, Bridget Chigbo, Doris Crompton- Thomas, Ian Boyce, John Wilson, Wayne Cunningham, Anthony and Brenda Alleyne, Paul and Rachel Sadler and Barbara Elliott.

Thank you also to the many others for your commitment and total dedication to the work of the Christian Ministry at St John’s the Baptist Church. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to keep us in fellowship with one another. As we serve in unity with the local community and the many visitors to St. John’s Church.

Annual Parochial Council Meeting

At the Parochial Church Council meeting on the 18th June 2014 it was agreed that St John’s Church Leytonstone will need to increase its income to achieve the weekly running cost of £1,800 and pay the Parish Share for 2014. To date the PCC has paid £10, 000 of the £56, 336 Parish Share. The outstanding balance is £46, 336.00. This sum is due to be paid by the 31st December. Ideas on how to increase the income or to make a donation towards the Parish Share is welcome. Please speak to Barbara Elliott and Carol Hartley, Church Wardens.

Celebration Service

For your information the name of the Institution Service on July 2, 2014 has been changed to Celebration Service. Please continue to pray for Revd David Britton and Mrs Rachel Britton, for the Holy Spirit to bless and keep them in his care, as they prepare for the service and leading the Christian Ministry at St. John’s Church Leytonstone. I look forward to welcoming our new Vicar and family to the Parish of Leytonstone.

Carol Hartley

Chair Person- Parochial Church Council