Pancake Race

So as Ash Wednesday approached we think about what we should give up during this time but before that we have our own unleaven bread which are more commonly know as pancakes. So in an attempt to shriven ourselves of our sins we had a pancake race.

I say race but in actual fact it was several races. The children were in the starting blocks before the vicar had finished saying "go in peace". John was the starter complete with a rolling pin instead of a F1 flag. The vicar used his scarf as a finishing line and they were off. Not content with one lap they did two, three, and even four.

Then it was the turn of the ladies. This was an international event as Sally had flown in from California especially for the event. The men were challenged but failed to except the baton.

The vicar ran the last race in full regalia and we all returned to the church to be served hot pancakes made by Victoria.

Many thanks to all who helped to make this a fun time.


St John the Baptist


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