Plain Bob Doubles, Grandsire Triples, Cambridge Surprise Major and Stedman Cinques – names that trip of the tongues of ringers – perhaps? When it comes to explaining Bell Ringing we come to an incomprehensible brick wall, if there is a brick wall built of that substance. So when it comes to trying to persuade people to have a go to try Bell Ringing, it is almost impossible but we don’t give up trying.

Everyone knows the sound of the bells ‘ringing’, most people like the sound of bells ringing but we are sure that a lot of those who listen do not realise that people are making the noise. It is an art, it is a science, it is a tradition but mostly it is trying to control a lump of metal with a wheel by a rope – and we tell those that listen that it is fun.

How do we sell bell ringing to get more ringers? What is strange is that in our area we have more ringers that come from outside the church which is the complete reverse of when I started to ring. Without those people the bells of the local churches would be silent. I could go on about the ‘ joys of ringing’ for a long time till you fall asleep, but I’m not – so keep awake. If you are interested to find out more about ringing and Plain Bob Doubles, come and find out about it for yourself. This year we are trying to get two new ringers, which does not seem much, we can teach you to ring the bells of St. John’s so that on Sunday mornings we can ring all eight of St. John’s bells – two new ringers doesn’t seem much. !!!

We had our yearly lunch (it used to be a Christmas/New Year lunch ) during the February half term with some concern as where we had it in 2014 closed down, soon after ….the Golden Curry. We don’t want it to happen again, as in Leytonstone we already have too many nail bars, hair salons and bookmakers and they seem to be the replacement shops - mind you I can remember when Leytonstone had lots of hat and shoe shops, I say that it is our yearly lunch but as we have two ringing outings a year which seem to be long lunches with a bit of ringing either side of lunch, perhaps we have three ringing lunches a year. So far our outing dates, they could change of course, are: 3rd. May and 3rd. October……the two new ringers could be on those outings, Then there is the cake! Recently we have had to celebrate birthdays by eating cake, we’ve had two ginger cakes and a carrot and chilli cake so far and we have been promised some form of fruit cake with half or is it a full bottle of brandy in it, South African style …. now they are some of the ‘joys of ringing’.

Michael Wareing

St John the Baptist


Serving God and the Community of Leytonstone for 180 years