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St John the Baptist

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As you might have gathered, Carol and I share the nuts and bolts of the day to day running of St. John’s and the Sunday services between us. That way we try not to duplicate things. So one of the things that falls to me is to sort out problems with our buildings – or find a man that can. I’m actually quite practical on the household maintenance front, but I’m no good up ladders, and anyway, between all the other “wardenly” things Carol and I get up to and our day jobs there’s not much time for hands on maintenance. I’m enormously grateful to all those “men who can” around St. John’s who shin up ladders to change light bulbs, prune back holly trees so we can see the lights at the front step, and leap into action when the church springs a leak in a 60mph storm, and so much more. Yes, you’ve probably noticed the bucket by the Lady Chapel and the plastic sheeting on the window sill. Just before Christmas, as the rain travelled horizontally at 60mph from the south, water began to pour down the inside of the Lady Chapel window, and an ominous dripping sound came from the roof gully. Alasdair leapt into action to minimise the damage. Since then we’ve had no more trouble, but Phil from Lodges has been over and had a look. 12 other churches had a similar problem on the same day when we had an extraordinary set of weather conditions. Phil will let us know when they’ve found a solution. Another building issue you may have spotted is the damage to the churchyard wall by Matalan. The repair to that is covered by a driver’s car insurance, and the work should happen soon.

In the middle of January, Lynda Wareing and I had a lovely afternoon in Church with 120 Year 1 pupils from Davies Lane. They enjoyed being in the church and exploring the churchyard (despite the rain), and did some lovely drawings – and sang us an action song about the 3 wise men. We got out the smallest choir robes so they could dress up if they wanted. One little boy got all the gear on, spread his arms and declared “I’m an angel”! Lynda and I had plenty of time to chat with the children and their teachers, and hopefully they know much more about churches now, and will come and visit again.

I took several photos of the school visit and 2 of them are in the Parish Profile. By the time you read this, I hope you will have had a chance to see the Profile. Carol and I had an interesting time working on it, trying to put the aspirations of all who came to the meeting in November into the document. The whole exercise has really brought home to me the blessings we have at St. John’s, with so much talent to call on, and mutual support from thoughtful people.

Barbara Elliott, Church Warden