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St John the Baptist

Churchwarden Writes....

Here we are, half a year flown by, and what a half year! It started for us churchwardens with getting ready to advertise the vacancy at St. John’s, having the interviews in the middle, and now we are welcoming David as our new vicar. The next magazine will be the first where David writes his “The vicar writes” article. By that time we will all have started to get to know him and his family, and they will have begun to get to know us. Carol and I couldn’t have done the last 6 months without your support. If you support David like you have us, his time with us will get off to a flying start.

The week after we welcome David, we will be welcoming lots of people on site during the Leytonstone Festival. Please help out as much as you can to really make a visit to St. John’s a great experience for our visitors. The programme of events is:

It’s going to be a busy 10 days! Thanks in advance to all those who have offered time to welcome folk to St. John’s throughout the Festival.

Barbara Elliott, Church Warden